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13 December 1983
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Hey everyone,

I know that I'm a little late for the train for the whole livejournal thing, but I only really set this one up to read all the wonderful fanfiction that has wrongfully been blocked. I am 23 years old, and I turn 24 in December. I am going into my last year of uni in southern california, and have lived here most of my life but was born in England. I fully plan on moving back to England as soon as my schooling is over if my bank account permits...hehe... I got hooked recently to fanfiction by a friend of mine who spends coutless hours reading James/Lily fanfics. I used to make fun of her...sill ole' me...but now I read fics more than she does...how ironic. I started out with the Princess Diaries ship of Michael/Mia, but my friend slowly worked the HP fandom into my brain and now I'm hooked, and probably, and hopefully, never turning back. I am absolutely addicted to any and all Draco/Hermione fanfics...so if you know any good ones, please pass them along. I also support Hermione/Lucius, with a tiny bit of Hermione/Snape. I am also into slash and threesomes...but thats neithe rhere nor there. I am fully centered around Hermione, because she reminds me of myself in many ways, except for the bushy hair, I have straight asian hair that can barely hold a curl for more than fifteen minutes... :[ ... anyways, I guess that is about it...


and well written., i love draco/hermione!, i love fanfiction!, i love hermione/lucius!, i love the malfoys!, slash...in small doses, threesomes/moresomes.