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hey everyone,

I started an lj so that I might be able to read all my favorite stories that are now blocked due to subject matter. I believe that as a woman over the age of 18, as I am living in the state of California, that I may choose what I can and cannot read...without the unnecessary hassle of these restrictions. I have been upset that stories have been restricted to only eligible members of a certain age that have an lj, and it makes me upset that I had to spend the time to create one just to read some ficlets. Oh well, I suppose it was worth it, because now i have access to all my fics again, and I shall be able to read them when and where I want to. I hope this whole "ban of stories" ends soon, but until then...I will just have to wait til the storm passes. 


P.S. If any of you have an lj and are obsessed or even generally like Harry Potter fanfiction like I do, please add me as a friend, and pass along some good stories if you know and...thanks!

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