July 21st, 2007

s whore

Deathly Hallows (Spoilers inside)

Hey everybody,

I have only gotten a chance to read the last chapter and epilogue, as I am kind of a tart for reading the ending before I waste the time to get through the story. If I don't like the ending I just don't bother wasting what little free time that I have reading the rest of the story. Life has been terrible to me recently, and juggling summer courses (trust me...don't take business law...one of the hardest courses I have taken in my three years), working my way up the corporate ladder in a huge headhunting firm that I am project manager for, and trying to fit in time for my boyfriend (who has been feeling sorely neglected recently...) As to the reason why I have not been posting recently...

The link will take you to my thought about Deathly Hallows, but be warned that there are serious spoilers ahead...

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